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Friends, Jay Larson is a treasure from Boston as much as any bowl of clam chowder or Matt Damon performance. His podcast with Ryan Sickler, "The Crab Feast," is insanely popular and tours extensively. Donger and Jay go back a ways, but don't see each other that often, so here they get to catch up and you get to listen. So do it! And enjoy.


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Holy balls, this is a fun one. Matt and Apes have been friends a long time, and they make each other laugh really hard. In this hilarious ep they get into a sexually exhausted George Michael, cults and fake hipster messiahs, their beautifully disgusting friendship, arm-wrestling competitions, and more. Take an hour out of your day to laugh along with these dummies. Trust me.

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Open Mike Eagle is a legendary underground rapper, a fun guy, and a good pal of Donger's. He's perfect for the first of what will be several episodes where Matt brings along a friend to hitchhike with him into the life of you, the listener. Matt and Mike cover a ton of topics, including the parallels between rap and comedy, longevity vs. immediate success, Donger's secret history as a rapper in college, and getting a robot body made for yourself. Also, big shout out to Mike for coming to Nerdmelt to record with an injured shoulder. Way to play hurt, Open Mike!


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Hey gang, Donger's back and a-Dongin' for your love. Non-somber (thank the Christ!) topics include: The orange dumbo running for Pres, stepping out of your comfort zone, the new direction of the podcast in the coming weeks, a man masturbating to the beauty of San Francisco when MB was a boy, and MORE! Tune in. The water's fun.

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Hey friends, today's DDMB starts on a somber note, as a cousin of Matt's has died from complications caused by drugs. He didn't want to bottle it up, or fake it, so he shares. From there, though, he goes other places. Dealing with disappointments, wine drunks in Sonoma, understanding the fundamentals of life, and even assholes who wear pajama bottoms and/or flip-flops on planes are explored. Something of a somber Donger, but a meaningful (entertaining (?) one nonetheless. Listen in.

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Danger's been in Honolulu, Anguilla, and Halifax. Needless to say, he's got some stories. Trump's new running mate, cheap people, his White Flight co-writer's Emmy nom, and Snapchat all get discussed. However, it's the story of Doug in Anguilla at the end that you need to hear the most. Open up and let the hitchhiker in. He's got stuff to tell you. Unofficially sponsored by The new Ghostbusters movie, written by genius comedy writer Katie Dippold.

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Hey guys, Matt here. Talking for myself, for once. Like you, I had my heart kicked in the balls by the horrific incident in Orlando. For this episode I talked a little about how important it is (if you're straight like me) to reach out to show support to the gay people in your life. Also, since it's me (Donger), there's also talk of anxiety, trying to stay creative, my 20-year college reunion last weekend (Jesus!), and being in a relationship. This episode is sponsored by my love and support for my LGBT brothers and sisters, wherever you are.

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We're at the end of this fiasco! In the fifth and final of the 100s, Donger gets into "social media actors," learning to ride out your high, the impending news of the renewal (or not) of Agent Carter, and a great book called "The Devil in Silver" with a story about him and the author. Listen in! It's almost over!

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Looks like Dong's been in a basement all week recording these, and he's dying. Well, only partially true. He's not in a basement, but he is dying. Slowly, like all of us. He's just not "Dead inside," like boring people say they are. NEW THING! Donger decided to read a short story he wrote on the road called "The Bro Code." Tune in to see if it sucks! Also there's life affirmations created from his failures. Yay!


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We're three for three so far on this week-long binge fest, and it a real dooz. Seems ol' Donger was sitting next to a fellow non- dad at lunch, and that guy seemed to think he knew how to raise his friend's kid better than him. Listen to the tale of a douche! Also discussed is DD's resemblance to Jeb(!) Bush, a famous person's one-time jealousy of DD's at-the-time single-ness, and how he now records these things walking around. Tune in, you know you want to.

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