Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

It's getting cold outside, but Donger is here to warm you up. Fresh off a nice meet-up with an old friend, he's got some showbiz advice, life observations that won't make you want to kill yourself, and some memories of hanging out with his old friend Helen Keller. Grab a glass of something warm and listen in!

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Hey friends, Matt just got back from watching one of the most disturbing documentaries he's even seen. Let's talk about it. Also, let's get into depression, older guys giving you garbage advise, the problems with the end of the year in general, and distracting yourself from your problems. Orale!

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He's back and sorry for leaving you so long! Boy, it's been a time. From flying off to New York again, finding out at the Thanksgiving table which friends have been rated as shitheads online by girls, to figuring out what really counts, here we go again. Thanks for staying faithful, Dongers!

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It's been a real tear that Matt Braunger's been on lately. New York, Philly, DC, Boston, and now Miami. Thank God he has you to listen to his bullshit problems. Well, at least they're funny ones. He hopes.

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Matt's in NYC to be on the Michael J Fox Show and that's why the episode is late. Fuck that guy. Matt, not Michael. HE's a National treasure. Join Braunger in an alley and hear his wild industry tales!

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Live from a Dallas hotel room, Matt is already worn down on the second and last leg of the @Dadboner southern tour. Thanks, Austin beer!! Ding-Donger has news, tales from the road, and a great Usain Bolt analogy for you. So listen in for 15, won't you?

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Boy, this @Dadboner Tour has been a humdinger. Real amazing times; but with amazing times come worn down comedians. At least in this case. Join ol' Ding Dong as he tells some tales from life on the road a mere 45 minutes from the next show. Listen in!

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Well, not really. Matt was just in a hotel in Cleveland when he recorded it, but he did it live at the time. The Dadboner Tour is starting off and he's super pumped, despite a horrific travel experience just hours before. The story of that, the brutality of his last similar tour, actual fun times, and more!

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The @Dadboner Tour is almost upon us! Look, all ye awesome folk, and be drunk! Or at least happy. This episode is rife with hilarious frustration, as Matt had a bad afternoon at the Red Cross AND the government has been shut down by stupid assholes. BUT we soldier on! Listen in for this week's ride and check for the special offer just for DDMB listeners at the end!

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Fresh from the stage at Acme Theater in Minneapolis, Matt's got some tales to tell. Last weekend was the wedding, and it reminded him of a old racist encounter. There's also the wondrous unhealthiness of the Twin Cities, the craziest thing he's heard yelled on the street in some time, a smartass kid, wondering if lawyers and doctors get jealous like comedians, and more. Viva the Midwest!

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