Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

While waiting for his laundry to finish in Harrisburg, PA, Matt talks about the majesty of Bridgetown, Kyle Kinane getting his beer taken away in a strip club, his 11-date tour throughout the country for Old Milwaukee, why we as a people can't have it all, and how he hopes the driving on tour won't make Johnny and him kill each other.

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In episode two, Ding-Dong hops in and talks about the joy of old women eating horrible food, why the Peanuts Xmas song is the saddest in human history, New York and Los Angeles and an ignorant comedy booker, the butchery of his name, and more!

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Matt hops in and talks about the Bridgetown Fest, unveils some new sponsors, gets into male creepiness, tells the story of the most ridiculous guy hitting on a woman ever, explains the legend of Darrin, and gets into why you should never assume racism when you look like a caveman.

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