Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Matt's back in Los Angeles, and he's already blown an audition. Today. Hear him talk about that, a dum-dum who doesn't realize how comedy material isn't a magical snowflake, \, vibes sent out by bullshit, some of his background, and how he's posting his and Kyle Kinane's rejected pilot online soon. Tune in for the fun and kick sadness in the balls!

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Matt's still in Asia, and it's hot as balls. Join him as he regales you with tales of hanging with Kyle Kinane in Korea, his girlfriend in the Philippines, and a hunk of pork in an abandoned apartment building. Also, a baseball game in Korea full of fried chicken and repressed sexuality.

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It's his first day in Korea, and Matt's a little jet lagged. He's also afraid of the idea of ghosts more than actual ghosts, the motion-sensoring light in his hotel room, and people who "really know you." Also, he's staying in Gangnam. A place made famous by a song written in the 20s by homicidal lunatics.

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Matt's back home (for at least a couple days), and it's time for a new DDMB. Topics covered include a ridiculous person on the plane, Korea, Matt having his fly down for 35 minutes onstage in Eau Claire, WI, why "The Pickle" is the best name for a dive bar ever, when boneless wings attack, and his love for you personally.

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From lovely beer-soaked Madison, Wisconsin, Matt regales us with tales of his tour with Johnny Pemberton. Hertz employees, beer, zig-zagging across Ohio, under-attended shows, a fantastic wise-ass, and Amway employees are all involved.

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