Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Matt just back from Atlanta, and, boy, is his love of trees and strippers tired! This episode 12 gets into the worst show in recent memory, the legendary Claremont Lounge, why he won't bust the 15 minute ceiling, why it's bad when comics say "What else is going on," and more. Thanks!

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We made it past the big ten mark, everybody! Ding-Dong chimes in on not caring about the other similar podcast names, his main man Taye Diggs, PA-ing with a morning drunk and listening to his dumb ideas, and the drunkest man in Philly last weekend. Yup!

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It's episode 10 and Matt Braunger is not good at riding scooters. Thankfully, he's in your iPod instead, telling of how he hurt a scooter in Bantayan, how he was a monster there, was once a Viking in Atlanta, and had to deal with a dickhead commercial agent once long ago. Episode 10! We did it!

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Boy, he sure is bad at working his recording machine thing. However, after three tries Matt finally gets it going for this 9th episode. Fun at MaxFunCon, a hilariously named mini-tour with Dana Gould, a recent visit to a high school, Vine, and why you shouldn't piss on a grave are all explored. Tune in for the 9th ride.

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