Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Bonjour! DDMB takes a trip to French Canada for the Just For Laughs Festival. Matt takes us threw his journeys from LA to NY to Mass to Quebec, with stories of his buffoonery strewn along the way. Take a fifteen minute break from your day and listen to this street performance done from inside the Hyatt Montreal while in underpants. Merci!

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Matt inhaled the ice cream cone you see in this picture in under a minute. He's in New York and it's like the surface of Mars outside. Matt gets into his New York past, including a weed-induced trip to near madness in a house club. He also talks about overheard New York, the best hat, and how to get his special for $5. Get inside and listen. It's hot as balls outside!!

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Hey gang, Matt took some time off from his dumb 15-minute podcast that takes no effort for the 4th. Did he take mushrooms? Listen and find out! He didn't, at least, while he recorded this episode. Matt fills us in on the Dadboner show, the dog nearby who barks out of loneliness, fat French food, and more. Back again for the very 13th time!

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