Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Episode 20! We did it! Matt just returned from the amazingly successful High Plains Comedy Festival, and boy were people high. And fun! Weird! Learn the joy of saying "Let's table this a second," how Matt needs to slow down, the phrase "How'd you get this?" and more! Let's ride!

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Oh man, somebody said something dumb and thoughtless to Matt, and she was drunk! Crazy! Well, it's probably the 123rd time it happened in his life. In this ep Matt discusses that, what else you shouldn't say to people, his girlfriend being out of town, the joys of Summerslam, and the most awkward moment he ever had in Denver. Let him in and listen up!

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Hey Ding-Dongers, right or wrongers, you know who the singer is but you can't remember the song-ers, it's that time again. Matt just got back from San Francisco's Outside Lands and he got to sing (not rap this time) a song. Also with him was Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall, and he won't shut up about it. Erotic fan fiction was written, bands were seen, a guy had a "I have a boner" button on his backpack, and more! Also, he did  a test version of Chris Hardwick's new show and it's gonna be bonkers fun. Tune in!

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It's been a crazy week for Matt Braunger, who is no longer the birthday boy and is now 29 again, but he's rallying for you in this new episode. His party was fun, he's gearing up for Outside Lands, he has playground punk rock stories, he remembers a real tool at an audition once, and he's reminiscing about what he loved about Godzilla movies. Listen in for a fun 15 minutes and after that, follow your dreams!

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Holy shit, you guys, it's Matt's birthday! Join Matt as he blows your mind telling you who he opened for in Montreal, how great the comics were there, how he tore the roof off the sucker rapping "8 Mile" style, and what's up next. Then he gets sappy because it's his birthday and he's a goddamn sap. Listen here!

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