Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Fresh from the stage at Acme Theater in Minneapolis, Matt's got some tales to tell. Last weekend was the wedding, and it reminded him of a old racist encounter. There's also the wondrous unhealthiness of the Twin Cities, the craziest thing he's heard yelled on the street in some time, a smartass kid, wondering if lawyers and doctors get jealous like comedians, and more. Viva the Midwest!

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Guys, bad news. Matt is kinda sick.....of your stupid games! Kidding, he loves them. He's actually under the weather, but still put together a nice ep for you. Fresh from a Chelsea Lately taping, Matt shares an embarrassing story from the day, talks about the "Bukkake of Smiles Tour" with Dana Gould, gears up for Chicago, and shares why "Bringing Scandal" is the worst term and how you should use it. Listen in and get the fever!

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Matt just got back from being interviewed about Dan Harmon for a documentary, and it got him thinking about honest people. How they're often perceived as rude, why we need them, etc. It mostly got him remembering an incident involving his friend Danny in college. A guy most people called "Claw." Listen and enjoy, friends.

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Hey Dings, hey Dongs. Matt has returned from taping a new episode of Chelsea Lately to talk about how Twitter is heroin to comedians, his weekend in Oregon, the best guy at the water park, and how movie stars hilariously cast themselves as badasses in their own movies. Take a 15 minute break from your day or drudgery and give a listen.

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