Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

The beard has been shaven. Tune in to find out why (he had to lose it for a job he had today for the TV--OOPS! SPOILER!). Hint: He wasn't on "Wings." Matt's been doing a lot of sets getting ready for Sketchfest this weekend. Will you be there? Even if you won't, you should listen to this. It's a fun one.

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Just back from recording a podcast with an old friend, Matt's got some memories to share on a dark foggy night. Things like the tattooed girl who made up a bullshit excuse to not go on a date, why gay people don't cause natural disasters, a fun game you can use to make your friends uncomfortable, and something of an apology. Okay, those last two aren't memories, but whatever. It's not like I'm Matt Braunger writing this right now.

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Here we go. 35th episode, gang. This time 'ol Donger is here to talk old bars having their guts ripped out to make new bars look old, male insecurity and how it relates to getting their haircuts, the stockpile of sad movie screeners Matt's amassed, and a warning tale about controlling your anger. Listen in! It's just 15 minutes.

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It's the first DDMB of 2014 and Matt just pushed a man in a broken-down electric wheelchair up some hills and BOY ARE HIS ARMS TIRED! Seriously, they're on fire. Also, he's going through problems with his girlfriend and split his head open on New Year's Eve. What better way to start the year??!!! Listen in!

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