Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Good day, Braung-Dongers. Today's journey takes us from Los Angeles to Hoboken, NJ and back again. What a marvelous time to be alive! Donger gets into what he did over the last two days, the wonders of comedians' games and bits with other comedians, autographing a Magic: The Gathering card, how Led Zeppelin is annoying, and mucho more! Let Matt Braunger into your car and heart for this special DDMB episode.

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Episode 40 is here, with Matt getting philosophical about his act, his career, and maybe life. Maybe. Looking at change, wondering about the future, and staring out the window and remembering a dance club in a church back in the late 90s. You know, the usual. No, actually a savage left turn that you will enjoy. Join him down this strange and thoughtful road!

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Guys, Matt just won @Midnight on Comedy Central and is ready to crow. Actually, no, he's just glad he didn't get dead last a third time. He's in Traverse City, Michigan right now and it's amazing. Please, come into his hotel room and hear some tales and observations while at the same time being safe from being near him. Listen to a winner. For once.

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This episode is full bore. Coming off a live taping and still a little sick from the brutal sub-60 degree weather, Matt's got some topics to hit. Stuff like the show last night with Bill Burr, a horrible and wonderful Burr memory, waking up with a wretched throat, rolling with the punches, the wild anxiety that comes with Los Angeles' PILOT SEASON, and much more! Sit on the couch, grab the arms, and hold on tight.

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