Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

After trying and failing to record this episode where he meditates (don't get weird, it's his bedroom on a wooden chest (wait, that IS weird)), Matt is back at the dining room table for a new episode. This week he tested and failed to book a third pilot, got low-grade "Belushi-ed," startled some kids while hiking, and invented the term "Lunchboxing." Tune in to learn what it all means on this 45th episode!

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Let's get real, let's get honest. That's where Matt's at today, but it's okay! Bouyed by a better attitude and the fact that he's doing a musical number tonight, Donger's on the up. He's got some stuff to share, including the difference between comedians and actors backstage, how certain musical notes mean "I'm sad, and I'm hiding," and other stuff--hey, just listen in!

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Oh man, SXSW was crazy, but so is life. Donger returns with whole new tales from the Southwest, including a bit of advice first-person inspired by the tragedy from the other day. Sad clown leaves however, and the delight continues. Tune in to see what the hell I'm talking about. Huzzah!

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Sorry this is so late! There's a good reason, though. Ding-Donger has a Hollywood story he had to live before he shared it, and share it he does. He's also going to Austin tomorrow to be in the madness that is SXSW, and that is also discussed. Two things?? It's a new day, guys. Enjoy.

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