Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Hey kids, it's almost time for Matt to record his new special and he's going bonkers. Let's let him yammer on for a while to calm his nerves. He just got back from Denver, is doing a run-through of his set in Hollywood tonight, just did one of the last ever episodes of Chelsea Lately (it got cancelled today), and he's unveiling his set list for you. Out loud. Tune in and see what's up this week besides your nipples.

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Holy crap, what a day! Matt just got back from the Burbank airport, where he spent all day waiting to fly and couldn't. Listen to find out why, how he's doing a brand new hour special, why you shouldn't eat old blueberries, and also gratitude.

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Ding-Dong is back from the festival that robbed us of an episode last week. Why didn't he plan a live one at his own fucking festival? Because he's an idiot. Anyway, this episode is funny and in no way disjointed. Bridgetown, Matt's week, LA's blistering heat wave, weed, effects of weed on theories of the afterlife, a dummy who discovers that ice is cold, getting sunstroke indoors, and why headshots are funny are all discussed. Plus more, more, more! Listen in and see why it was worth the wait.

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This episode is fast and furious, like a movie of some weird name about cars. Fresh off just doing another podcast, Donger gets into his friend's amazing new song/video, almost playing a Geto Boys song for his mom as a kid, a charity show this evening you should attend, Crate and Barrel, getting Pasadena-ed, his crazy "Uncle" Randy, his recent appearance on @Midnight, the tuxedo curse, and more! Tune in. It's a doozy.

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