Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Braunger jumps in to talk about Burns' thug on The Simpsons, his Thug t-shirt, a couple who chased him down in the street to give him drugs, going on "Feelings hikes" with a male friend, realizing he's a late bloomer, the FYF Fest, and how driving in LA makes you an angry boy. Thanks for picking him up!

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Matt's in Minneapolis working out new stuff, just locked the new special, isn't drinking right now, doesn't want to wear Cosby sweaters, is hanging out with Doug Benson (who broke up a fight last night), got a bunch of cool records, wants your input, still has a mustache, and is getting a Jucy Lucy tomorrow. Listen in!

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Oh man oh man oh man! Braunger didn't do a DDMB last week because of his birthday (what a child), so this week's episode is 45 minutes long. And change! His weekend in Palm Springs, a realization about his habit to walk everywhere, the time he became a serial killer online, and a childhood memory involving stacks of porn are all discussed, but it all goes deeper than that! Let's delve in, shall we, to the world of a Ding-Dong.

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