Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Braunger is on the road again. Columbus, Dayton, and now Indianapolis. He's been up since 5:30 am, driven two and a half hours, did three hours of radio, and now he recorded this. Is it thirty minutes of crap? Hell no! He's a professional. Sure, the first recording shit the bed after sixteen minutes and he had to start again, but you won't notice. Listen and enjoy! Seriously, it's good.

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Donger is broadcasting live from his bedroom because his childhood friend Zach is in the dining room hogging all the space. Join him, he's very alone. Why? Because you'll learn Matt's secrets, the proper way to catcall, how to use the phrase "Speaking of which," how to earn your free time, about parking in Koreatown, why you should carry axes in public, and much much more. Also, about the title. Keep your dicks in the sheath, friends.

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Episode 65 has what all the great tales have, both happiness and sadness. And a wolverine. Matt just shot the cover for his new special, and he used a stuffed bear and the aforementioned wolvie for it. Hear his tales of taxidermy, DJing, going home to Portland this weekend, flipping a guy off in traffic, a champion shitbag, and more. Thanks for picking him up, as always.

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You've caught Ding-Donger on tour. Lucky you! This time he's in Montana and has some stuff to share. A comedy meth barn, working on creating a sitcom, why lunch (and eating) is wonderful thing (b/c it's always there), doing radio with a possum, and a maniac who chased him onstage (and backstage) at Bumbershoot are all discussed. Don't miss out, you beautiful jerks!

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