Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

It's been a month and change since ol' Braung Dong's been home for a weekend. Time for an announcement of what he's been working on, taking time to express gratitude, the perfect dinner party, Bridgetown, and, of course, fat person sex.

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Oh, folks, this week the bits and tales come faster and more furiouser than that obscure series of movies about cars and beautiful criminals. Donger thinks this new place he and his lady have found is the one, there's new movie sponsors, and more more more. Listen and enjoy!

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Here we are again, friends. This time Donger expounds upon his cousin's dentist who listens in (hello!), the end of binge drinking, reaching out with a desperate tone of voice, and how ghost sirens exist. You're right, it all makes sense!

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