Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Donger's shaved his beard. Listen to find out why. OR to hear about his parents visiting, what casting a show is like, and to hear the ramblings of a caffeineated man. Whichever reason it is, he's with you. Always.

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It's been a week since Matt's been in two other countries plus the Mars-like city of Scottsdale and he's a little disoriented, and on a lot of caffeine. Add the fact that his girlfriend's been over in England for a week and, well, you've got an all-over-the-place Ding-Donger. A contract with a restaurant, a discussion of why Superheroes (and superhero movies) are overall dumb, and an encounter with several Braungers are all discussed. As well as other fun things for a hitchhiking podcaster to share. Get in the van!

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He made it back alive, folks. Alive with pleasure! Between the heat, the also Mexico, the man-buns, and the food, there's stories galore. Come join DD as he recounts his adventures in a gorgeous pair of countries. And coconuts.

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