Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger

Friends, Jay Larson is a treasure from Boston as much as any bowl of clam chowder or Matt Damon performance. His podcast with Ryan Sickler, "The Crab Feast," is insanely popular and tours extensively. Donger and Jay go back a ways, but don't see each other that often, so here they get to catch up and you get to listen. So do it! And enjoy.


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Holy balls, this is a fun one. Matt and Apes have been friends a long time, and they make each other laugh really hard. In this hilarious ep they get into a sexually exhausted George Michael, cults and fake hipster messiahs, their beautifully disgusting friendship, arm-wrestling competitions, and more. Take an hour out of your day to laugh along with these dummies. Trust me.

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Open Mike Eagle is a legendary underground rapper, a fun guy, and a good pal of Donger's. He's perfect for the first of what will be several episodes where Matt brings along a friend to hitchhike with him into the life of you, the listener. Matt and Mike cover a ton of topics, including the parallels between rap and comedy, longevity vs. immediate success, Donger's secret history as a rapper in college, and getting a robot body made for yourself. Also, big shout out to Mike for coming to Nerdmelt to record with an injured shoulder. Way to play hurt, Open Mike!


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