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Bashing his way into your car again, here comes Donger for Pt. 2 of his hundreds week. This ep has him freshly back from the Urgent Care section of Cedar Sinai and a gross description of what they did to him (thankfully not with a paperclip) there. Today's tales include Louis CK, how to deal with horrible loss, and a restaurant server who took the worst smelling dump ever. You know, what you've come to expect from a DDMB episode.

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Well, turns out it's not over, and he's still alive. In honor of this being the 100th episode of DDMB (and his taking MONTHS off (dick)), he's giving us five episodes this week. One for every weekday. Fresh back from Boston with a smashed finger (natch), Ding-Donger regales us with tales of his mistakes, some insights, and his history with Montreal JFL. Tune in for the first of five.

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Guys, this is me, Matt Braunger, finally not pretending someone else is writing this. I'm doing it because this episode was mind-blowingly good. Janet Varney, who co-runs Sketchfest with Cole Stratton, asked me to do a live DDMB at the Fest. I said, "Well, it's only 30 minutes," and she said, "Wanna do longer?" The only way I could see doing it is to bring on guests. Or, in the case of my podcast, other hitchhikers. So here is me, live at the Eureka Theater in San Francisco, bringing along three of my favorite comics and friends. Jonah Ray (probably my first real friend in Los Angeles), Solomon Giorgio (a prince who helped me develop my favorite episode of "White Flight"), and Beth Stelling (who is a wondrous angel who did a very brave thing recently). We talk first jokes onstage, an amazing cafe Jonah goes to every time he's in SF (It gave us the episode title), Solomon's father's love of the movie "Footloose," and even get into surviving victimhood. Cannot tell you how much I loved this and how good it came out. You just have to listen. Love, Matt

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Ding-Dong! It's 2016. Whoo, got a lot to cover here. Donger's on Agent Carter this year on ABC, White Flight on Comedy Central digital, and more...you want more? A tale of a gigantic thing on a plane that made him delighted. Listen and learn of all the new stuff!

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After the longest hiatus ever, MB's back to tell us why. He also talks touring, why he's not playing on Halloween anymore, Drake's slutshaming, podcast empires, and why he's sorry him and Shane Torres ruined it for everybody in the Amtrak quiet car.

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Well, kids, Donger's been-a sweatin' and a-workin'. Seriously, it's been like the surface of Mars with some kind of devil-made humidity we've never had before. It's bad. But you know what's good? This episode! Haha, okay, yeah, that sucked, but CHRIST IT'S BEEN SO HOT! Just listen, okay?

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Sure, folks, he's been gone for weeks, but he's not dead! In fact, he's got good reasons! Fresh off the taping of his digital series, he's now ready to tell you what it's about. What better topic for a hitchhiking podcast hobo? There's also tales of San Francisco, Denver, and why podcasts are more fun that radio. Dongin' back!

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Yep! A second one! That dummy felt so bad about being away so long he did another podcast for us. This one covers such topics as the text he just sent John Cho, "Straight Out of Compton," and even Star War! Yes! With one R! It's usually meant in a bad way, but this time it's not: Listen to this asshole!

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Donger's shaved his beard. Listen to find out why. OR to hear about his parents visiting, what casting a show is like, and to hear the ramblings of a caffeineated man. Whichever reason it is, he's with you. Always.

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It's been a week since Matt's been in two other countries plus the Mars-like city of Scottsdale and he's a little disoriented, and on a lot of caffeine. Add the fact that his girlfriend's been over in England for a week and, well, you've got an all-over-the-place Ding-Donger. A contract with a restaurant, a discussion of why Superheroes (and superhero movies) are overall dumb, and an encounter with several Braungers are all discussed. As well as other fun things for a hitchhiking podcaster to share. Get in the van!

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