Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger (general)

He made it back alive, folks. Alive with pleasure! Between the heat, the also Mexico, the man-buns, and the food, there's stories galore. Come join DD as he recounts his adventures in a gorgeous pair of countries. And coconuts.

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Hoo boy, today's the day! Dong-Dong's hour special "Big Dumb Animal" is on Netflix. To celebrate, he's leaving the country. Before that, he's talking drugs, a horrible person he had to be around at a party, the Tasmanian Devil tattoo he craves, and more. Hop in!

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Dong-dong's feeling grateful, come along for the ride! Between the muscle twitch in his chest muscle, his love for Proop's new book, and other randomness, there's new stuff on the horizon for him....and us! Huzzah! Let's roll.

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Oh, boy! Donger's back in your ear for another podcast hitchhiking trip. This time there's a wedding weekend with a show thrown in, the truths of doing @midnight, "Big Dumb Animal" coming to Netflix, and a BIG TOUR on the way. Listen up, buttercup!

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Hello, friends, Donger's back again. The madness has settled, and finally he's found time to get a podcast to you and once again hop into your lives. There's audition tales, a possible goodbye to a favorite bar (and a soapbox moment!), tales of living with a lady, the wonders of Dwyane "Sweet Caramel" Johnson in "San Andreas," and HIS ALBUM BIG DUMB ANIMAL IS OUT ON VINYL, GET IT! Thanks and enjoy.

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This one got in a little la-tar on the radar, because Donger is moving AND has The Bridgetown Comedy Festival to help run. However, the wait is worth it. The hip new hippest newest show "Connected," the unused term "Frappy," a trip to Maine, why you should wear a belt, and why he's so good at hurting himself are all covered. Let's get down.

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It's been a month and change since ol' Braung Dong's been home for a weekend. Time for an announcement of what he's been working on, taking time to express gratitude, the perfect dinner party, Bridgetown, and, of course, fat person sex.

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Oh, folks, this week the bits and tales come faster and more furiouser than that obscure series of movies about cars and beautiful criminals. Donger thinks this new place he and his lady have found is the one, there's new movie sponsors, and more more more. Listen and enjoy!

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Here we are again, friends. This time Donger expounds upon his cousin's dentist who listens in (hello!), the end of binge drinking, reaching out with a desperate tone of voice, and how ghost sirens exist. You're right, it all makes sense!

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Friends, we're back. Right back where we started from. From last night. Listen in to understand. It's fun.

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