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Holy crap, what a day! Matt just got back from the Burbank airport, where he spent all day waiting to fly and couldn't. Listen to find out why, how he's doing a brand new hour special, why you shouldn't eat old blueberries, and also gratitude.

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Ding-Dong is back from the festival that robbed us of an episode last week. Why didn't he plan a live one at his own fucking festival? Because he's an idiot. Anyway, this episode is funny and in no way disjointed. Bridgetown, Matt's week, LA's blistering heat wave, weed, effects of weed on theories of the afterlife, a dummy who discovers that ice is cold, getting sunstroke indoors, and why headshots are funny are all discussed. Plus more, more, more! Listen in and see why it was worth the wait.

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This episode is fast and furious, like a movie of some weird name about cars. Fresh off just doing another podcast, Donger gets into his friend's amazing new song/video, almost playing a Geto Boys song for his mom as a kid, a charity show this evening you should attend, Crate and Barrel, getting Pasadena-ed, his crazy "Uncle" Randy, his recent appearance on @Midnight, the tuxedo curse, and more! Tune in. It's a doozy.

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Well, we're barreling through with this crazy 30 minute episodes thing, and so far we're gangbusters. Braunger's got some bad news, but also a lot of good. Tune in for both, as well as stories from his parent's visit, the worst comedy club driver in the world, why the 30 minute thing works, and more! Tune in now, jerks! Love, Me

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Holy crap, you guys. Matt had so much fun doing the podcast last week (the double one, for double fun) that he's doing it for 30 minutes....from now on! We'll see how long he can keep up this Herculean labor. For now, enjoy his thoughts on drinking during podcasts, ideas for names for his new tour, his parents coming to town this weekend, the idea of "The Braun-gals," Dina Martina, how we should call our privates our "Shames," and much, much more! Man, is this now the longest podcast there is? Not at all? Oh, okay. Good. Enjoy

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Whoa whoa whoa, I know you're all mad, but Matt's got a good excuse. Sure, you'll have to listen to this episode to hear it, but it's worth it. Trust us. To make up for it, here are two episodes in one. Well, actually, just one long one that's the length of two episodes. What's that, Matt? It's probably the best one yet? Holy shit, that's huge. Like this episode. Listen and learn why.

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After trying and failing to record this episode where he meditates (don't get weird, it's his bedroom on a wooden chest (wait, that IS weird)), Matt is back at the dining room table for a new episode. This week he tested and failed to book a third pilot, got low-grade "Belushi-ed," startled some kids while hiking, and invented the term "Lunchboxing." Tune in to learn what it all means on this 45th episode!

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Let's get real, let's get honest. That's where Matt's at today, but it's okay! Bouyed by a better attitude and the fact that he's doing a musical number tonight, Donger's on the up. He's got some stuff to share, including the difference between comedians and actors backstage, how certain musical notes mean "I'm sad, and I'm hiding," and other stuff--hey, just listen in!

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Oh man, SXSW was crazy, but so is life. Donger returns with whole new tales from the Southwest, including a bit of advice first-person inspired by the tragedy from the other day. Sad clown leaves however, and the delight continues. Tune in to see what the hell I'm talking about. Huzzah!

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Sorry this is so late! There's a good reason, though. Ding-Donger has a Hollywood story he had to live before he shared it, and share it he does. He's also going to Austin tomorrow to be in the madness that is SXSW, and that is also discussed. Two things?? It's a new day, guys. Enjoy.

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